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So I have seemingly taken another hiatus from sculpting for over a year now. Though I am done with school, I did a 1yr internship last year and then got a permanent job (real-world stuff, gross lol). These plus other events in the past year have kept me away from Deviantart and Etsy, but in 2016 I resolve to change course and have a resurgence in my online presence. I renewed a few of my Etsy listings in late November and since then I have gotten a couple sales and other interest in commissions, which is a big step for me! I usually get 1 or 2 sales per year, which has kept things slow. 

Though it appears that I haven't done much in the past year on the sculpting front, I actually have been a busy bee, just never having the time to upload any deviations. I sculpted ornaments for my immediate and extended family for Christmas, which is a pretty big group of people (about 20). While most of these aren't my most intricate projects, the sheer quantity I sculpted was a task in itself for me, but I completed it and they all loved their ornaments :) I also had my second-ever commission for the Christmas of 2014, which was an Eevee ornament, as well as a second art trade with my coworkers during my internship. My goal is to post all of these sculptures in the near-future, so hopefully I can git er dun. I also have a plethora of sculpt requests from my friends that I have been procrastinating hard-core on, so in 2016 I'm aiming to cross these off my list as well. 

As always, please contact me with commission requests! Sometimes I'm more reliably contacted through Etsy, so here is a link to my shop. Check it out!…

Here's to a new year filled with sculpting!

On a sad note: RIP David Bowie and Alan Rickman, Always



Eevee by plutoniumcaterpillar
Rounding out the 2014 year of sculpting was this little guy. I received just my 2nd commission from an Etsy user wanting an Eevee ornament. When I set out to make Eevee I really thought he wouldn't be too difficult to make, but I got caught up in little details along the way and it ended up taking a while. Definitely not my most satisfying work. When I was finished, I knew something didn't sit well with me about him, finally realizing that he had no snout! Makes him look like a pug XP I also didn't get the hanging loop placed in a balanced location, so I had to finagle with it a bit with some very fine thread to make him upright. In the end he turned out ok and hung on the tree fine, and I had completed my 2nd commission :) 
Check out his tail, I was pretty proud of that part. 

Completion Time: 7hrs
Materials: Sculpey Polymer Clay, Wire, Thread
Size: 3" tall, 3" long, 1.5" wide

Check out my cool Etsy shop:…
Snuggly Otters by plutoniumcaterpillar
Snuggly Otters
My final sculpt for Art Trade 2.0 was this guy. The recipient's favorite animals are otters, so I was pretty sure that was what I wanted to sculpt. I took to google to find some inspiration and ran across this picture:…. Apparently otters hold hands quite often, which moves them up on my cutest animals list :3

I wanted to create that look of two otters floating in the water on their backs. I decided to sculpt them with their heads, arms, and feet sticking out of the water, which accomplished that look I was going for. I put stones behind them for a backdrop and made the swirled water using blue and translucent sculpey. I had experimented with this a little before on some candy canes and Ponyta, but I have to say that it turned out much better than even I expected! 

I really like making little dioramas or scenes, inserting the character I'm sculpting into an environment. It really makes them come to life :) 

Completion Time: Not positive, but probably ~3-4hrs
Materials: Sculpey Polymer Clay, Copper Wire
Size: ~3.5" wide & deep, 1" tall

Check out my Etsy store!…
Three Little Birds by plutoniumcaterpillar
Three Little Birds
Going back a few posts are three sculptures that I made for my first art trade, which happened while I was interning in 2014. A few months later I did another art trade with some of my immediate coworkers where I was interning, and I decided to make some more bird sculptures using the design that I used on some birds back in high school. This time I did a bigger parakeet (compared to my first one), as well as a penguin and a blue jay. I've done penguins before, but never a blue jay, so it was fun coming up its design.

Completion Time: ~1.5hrs each
Materials: Sculpey Polymer Clay, Copper Wire
Size: 2" tall & 1.5" wide

You can buy your own custom-made bird sculpture at my Etsy shop here:…
LEGO Goku Hair Piece by plutoniumcaterpillar
LEGO Goku Hair Piece
In 2014 I received a random commission from someone wanted me to sculpt a Lego hair piece for him based on the DBZ character Goku. I thought this was an odd request, but it sounded like a cool idea. Upon further investigation, I discovered that people collect Lego figurines and custom make them to look like characters and people that Lego doesn't officially make. Pretty sick! 

I had never sculpted a Lego piece before, let alone thought of the idea. I knew the biggest challenge would be to see if it would attach like a normal Lego piece, or would it just have to sit unstably on his head? Amazingly, it fits perfectly and I was really happy with the way it turned out! The bad news was that I never heard from the person who commissioned me. Now it is on display in my apartment, resting upon the head of my Little Birdy sculpture (plutoniumcaterpillar.deviantar…) which it fits pretty well! Makes him look like a little emo bird XD

Completion Time: Too long ago...
Materials: Sculpey Polymer Clay
Size: 0.5" x 0.5"

If you'd like to commission me to sculpt you something or check out my Etsy shop, the link is below:…
Star Trek Starfleet Engineering Division Badge by plutoniumcaterpillar
Star Trek Starfleet Engineering Division Badge
Kicking off this new batch of sculptures is this Engineering badge based on the original insignia adorned by the doomed red shirts from the classic Star Trek TV series. However, there was one red shirt who was too awesome to get nondescriptly killed off: that badass Scotsman Montgomery Scott.

I sculpted this in 2014 for my dad's birthday , who was a huge fan of the show growing up. My dad has always been a genius with electronics and electrical engineering and always loved Scotty, so I thought this would be a great, fitting birthday gift for him. Though he doesn't wear it, he has pinned it to his bedside lamp, so I know he loves it :)

Completion Time: No more than 2hrs, but unsure XD
Materials: Sculpey Polymer Clay, a metal pin
Size: Approx. 2" tall & 1.25" wide

Check out my Etsy shop:…



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